Pre Appointment Instructions

Permanent Makeup isn't intended for:

  • Diabetics(Dr. approval needed)
  • Chemo patients
  • Viral infections
  • Botox or fillers within 2 weeks
  • Epilepsy
  • Current sickness (flu or covid)
  • Accutane in the past 6 months
  • Pregnant or nursing
  • within 2 weeks of covid-19 vaccine

Eyebrow Appointment 

  • stop using exfoliant products 2 weeks prior 
  • no waxing or shaping within 48 hrs
  • no tinting within 1 week 
  • botox or fillers stopped 2 weeks before and after
  • do NOT consume any alcohol, caffeine, or ibuprofen 48 hrs before your appointment
  • you may experience hypersensitivity during your menstrual cycle
  • I cant tattoo over any broken skin or active breakouts,sores, or moles

Lip Blush

  • your lips MUST NOT be DRY/CHAPPED for your appointment. You may need to reschedule and you will loose your deposit.  
  • Recommended to exfoliate 3 days prior to your appointment to remove any dead skin.
  • One week before the appointment moisturize your lips DAILY
  • IMPORTANT: cold sores are a risk of lip blushing.  If you had EVER had one in the past you should consult with a doctor prior to your appointment. This will help avoid and outbreak.  I also recommend L-lysine 2 weeks prior and post lip appointment.

Paramedical - Stretch Mark and Scar Tattoo

  • Discontinue exfoliant products 2 weeks prior
  • no waxing or chemical hair remover products
  • Moisturize your skin
  • Botox and fillers 2 weeks prior and post appointment
  • Do NOT consume alcohol, caffeine,  ibuprofen 48 hrs prior to your appointment. This will cause bleeding and effect your results.
  • Keep hydrated- for best results