Confidence is Beautiful

Helping you gain confidence!

Who I Am-

I am Jules Gonzales a mother, wife, and business owner.  My calling is to help you find your confidence in your body and change your life.  It is my mission to educate and create opportunities for you to transform your life through tattoo. 

 I use my tattoo pen to help diminish your scars and stretch marks.  I can also redefine you lip borders and give a pop of color for utmost confidence.  Eyebrows are the first thing someone notices when they look at your face.  Mapping out your shape can redefine your face and command the attention of anyone.  If you are looking to age with grace then microneedling can soften fine lines and wrinkles without harsh toxins.  

All of my services are done with healing in mind.  All products have been throughly researched and picked specifically for their healing properties.